About Evestco


Evestco provides professional solutions for individuals looking to make investments in social, blog, and e-commerce platforms. We are a fresh innovative company that produces fun, entertaining websites for people around the world to enjoy and share. Whether we are building a site based on one product or a social network to promote hundreds, our team dedicates itself to developing only the best in mind. Founded in 2007 as SD Stores, Evestco was born in 2011 after businesses and private investors displayed much interest in the Evestco business model. Together we invite you to take a look around and become apart of the Evestco experience.



Provide the world with a powerful portfolio of ecommerce brands that enthuse, entertain and satisfy the desires and needs of all people.



Strive to lead in creativity, development, and investment of the industry's dynamic ecommerce companies. Create enthusiasm by providing the best in ecommerce for people of all ages, everywhere. To concentrate on the THREE core values:

Build a solid business foundation based on honesty, integrity, and ethics.

Bring quality ecommerce brands to people worldwide.

Deliver maximum profits to employees, partners, and investors while evaluating our responsibilities.



Evestco’s advantage derives from its capacity to develop, market, and capitalize while maintaining very little overhead resulting in maximum profits. A company comprised of unique individuals who specialize in different business segments, all with the common goal of providing the best possible investment solutions for any ecommerce or business application.