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Social Networking

We are always looking for new and improved ways of staying connected. Our definition of a social network is a platform that basically consists of a representation of each user within an individual social organization or general community that recognizes its user’s (often a profile) personal preferences, social links, actions, and a variety of additional attributes associated with that user profile.

In today’s fast-pace “social network” world, companies are always jockeying for position to become number one in their social arenas. Evestco, Inc. breaks down the network service and analyzes what works and what doesn’t. Based on those facts we then decide what features make it stand apart from its rivals. In addition to reviewing other networks, Evestco looks for ways to incorporate the very best into our own original concepts. Through extensive research and development, we construct niche social platforms for users to share interests, ideas, activities, and events within their individual networks.

Strategic Investing through Social Diversity

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Evestco strives to bring only the best community networks to life through its quest to use the highest quality content and most interesting platforms available. If you would like to be a part of one of our upcoming projects or have an idea that you would like to share, please contact us for additional information.



At Evestco we pride ourselves on developing shopping platforms based on quality products, customer service, and creating long term relationships whether you are an individual or business. With state of the art technology, we are always searching for new and smarter ways to make sure your experience at our retail websites is a pleasurable one.

Social Commerce

Evestco is now researching the particular area of social commerce. In developing social platforms with retail merchandise and dealing with the complexity of bringing quality products and culminating a very high user experience.


Blog Platforms

Everyone loves opinions! At Evestco, we invest in them. Blogs and opinion forums have established themselves as mainstream media outlets for people to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions on everything transpiring in the world. Through our research and development, we continue to look for entertaining subjects and ideas to be the central starting point of development. All of the selected projects proceed to go through a thorough consideration process before development starts to ensure quality and overall success of the website from both a user and investment perspective.